Benefit From Local Video Ads

October 3, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles,Main Blog,News and Articles

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Local Video Ads

Local Video Ads can Benefit Every Size of Business

Once uopn a time in a galaxy far far away there was absolutley no chance of a small business producing a video ad.

  • Production costs were astronomical
  • Distribution costs were unversally out of reach for small business
  • Marketing space was the final fronteir no business could ever go

But Now Thanks to Websitze’s Warp Factor Technology for Creating Videos

You can boldly go where no small businesses have gone before.

Forgive the Star Wars/StarTrek parodies but in effect it really is true. Small businesses have never been able to compete with big budget video advertisers.

  • Costs have been so high to even produce an advert that none copuld contempate it.
  • Even if a small business could create a video advert how was it going to ditribute it?
  • Furhermore wher was the video ad going to be marketed.

Until now

Here at Websitze we have a really low cost way of producing video adverts that can market any product or service you have.

  • Videos are created for a fixed low price
  • Included in the price is distribution
  • Plus, thanks to Social Media your marketing channels are taken care of at absolutely no cost and you cah market them everywhere.

Laser targeted marketing is available from Facebook, though you do have to pay for this it can be very low and extremely cost effective.

See our Video Adverts Page Here for full information and to see how little they actually cost.

So What Can Video Ads Do For Small Businesses?

The answer to that is simply – An Awful Lot.

A video ad creates Brand Awareness. That is knowledge of your business name and activities. It puts your business name in front of people fast. With proper use of social media – Very Fast.

Video ads can be incredibly focused on just one product or service and you can therefore focus your marketing for a specific campaign or a specific market.

A well designed video ad from Websitze can tell people within seconds of its creation of any

  • Special product launch
  • Limited discounts
  • Special Offers
  • Launch event
  • and so on. The list is endless,

But all the time the ad is increasing Brand Awareness of your business.

We create the video. You approve it. We distribute it. You market it.

It really is that simple

With the huge dominance of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc, you have an eager market actually keen on viewing these adverts.

They are looking for something and you can provide that someting.

Of course you need to be active on Facebook to reach an audience, but you need to do that anyway. You can build up followers and with it likes, so your Facebook page gets ranked. Videos and video ads can make a major contribution to that.

If you have something worth selling you have something you need to tell everyone about.

Make a video ad enquiry here so we can get started on your business promotion for more customers and more sales