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In the modern world it is essential to present your business in the best way possible. With the internet the first place almost everyone goes to to find a business, your website must look good to reflect the quality of your service

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Why You Need To Have A Modern Website Design

If your existing website does not meet modern demands then you are almost certainly losing customers and you will never even know.

If someone is looking for something relating to your service, they go to the internet first, usually through Google, It is therefore vital that you are found and when found that your online presence reflects quality. If your website is poorly designed or hard to read, potential customers move on within a few seconds.

Furthermore, over 60% of all searches online are now done by mobile devices so your website must not only look good but must work on phones and tablets too.

Latest reports says that more than half of all small business websites are not mobile friendly. Incredibly, many older sites still use Flash – which will not work at all on mobiles.  They are hard to read, impossible to update and have no Search Engine capabilities.

Missing out here means customers will never know you and you will never know they even looked and they will have found a competitor.

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