How It Works

How To Get Your Business To Page 1 on Google

With Our Unique Strategy We Can Do It For You Fast

How It Works

By now we expect you want to know how the page 1 startegy works, so read on

We create simple videos

Each video is to the point and last about 90 seconds. This is proven to be fast enough for this type of marketing video where the aim is to get leads to the businesses website.

We Optimise The Videos Properly

We then optimise these videos properly for the keyword in a special way that always gets results.

We are highly skilled at this and have reached page1 for many competitive keywords.

Clever use of keywords in the header, description and keyword tags section of YouTube enables us to maximise the opportunity to place any business in any town on the first page of Google.

The videos are uploaded to YouTube with our secret optimisation technique and are listed on page one within a few days

We Then Offer The Video To Rent For Suitable Businesses

Once they are on Page 1 we then offer the listing to businesses currently NOT listed on the first page, unique access to the video with their own contact details replacing ours.

When a business agrees to rent this video we create a second one which is peronalised with all contact details incorporated in both the video and the description.

So the business is renting a video already on Page 1 with the links and information leading back to them and a second one which a week or so later will also almost certainly be on page 1 too. See the Pricing Structure Here to see just how affordable our system is.

Exclusive Keyword For Each Town

The keyword is exclusive to that business (from ourselves) and ONLY ONE BUSINESS per town can rent it.

For example for Dentists the Keyword “Dental Implants Bristol” is available for only one dentist in Bristol and this formula is repeated in other towns.

Other keywords are also made available such as Tooth Whitening (Town), Denture Repairs (Town) and so on for individual towns, but they are only made available to rent once they too arrive on page 1.

Do you get the picture?

We’re sure you do. You also get the video for use on your own website too. You can embed the personalised video on your own website to increase the exposure. You can send it out to clients/patients on your mailing list or use it in any other type of marketing. Video is extremely powerful in marketing.

How good is that as a marketing strategy?

You don’t pay anything until the video you are paying for already does what is says it will do.

Plus you have a second video more personalised which will also appear on page 1. Sometimes this later video appears above the original video as we are able to be more specific in the optimisation by using the business’s own name and exact location in the optimisation structure.

Don’t worry if this is a little confusing, we understand it like no-one else and it is all done for you anyway, so there is no need to know.