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Online Marketing and Event Marketing Systems

To Meet Every Need For Both Long Term and Short Term Online Marketing and Advertising

Online Marketing System


Online Marketing System

Designed, built, hosted and managed by us as an ongoing boost to your Search Engine Rankings and increase your brand awareness

This consists of 3 distinct parts that work together to promote your business, a product or service on an ongoing basis

The 3 parts are

Landing Page

Marketing Video

Facebook Video Header

Event Promotion System


Event Promotion System

Designed as a one-off project to promote a specific event such as a Christmas special, Valentine’s Day special, Special Sale and so on.

The Event Marketing consists of 2/3 parts that work in unison together to effectively promote a specific product or service.

The 2/3 parts are

Video Advert

Message Matched Landing Page

Facebook Video Header (Option)

What Our Affordable System Offers

  1. A tried and tested mobile friendly (responsive) landing page layout personalised to your business that will “Message Match” any advertising you do and to the marketing video we create.

  2. It is fully optimised for the Search Engines (SEO) with relevant keywords related to your business

  3. Hosting of your landing page on our SSL secured server in our business directory. The unique aspect of our directory is that when someone visits your landing page from your advertising  your page is the only page they can see. EXAMPLE 1EXAMPLE 2 EXAMPLE 3

  4. Marketing Video promoting your business incorporated into the landing page. Uploaded to our YouTube channel and fully optimised for your keywords

  5. A Facebook Video Header that can also be used on other social media or anywhere else, promoting any service or product. This advert is supplied in an MP4 movie format and is yours to use as many times as you wish.

  6. Ongoing management to ensure your landing page and video continue to meet SEO requirements and high Google ranking

  7. Promotion on our Facebook and Twitter pages to encourage more views and shares

A Unique Online Marketing With Business Listing Like No Other

Affordable Online Marketing System designed to boost any small business and consisting of


Dedicated Landing Page

We create a fully optimised landing page that hosted by us to give visitors a clear and concise insight into your business activities


Marketing Video

Our team makes a marketing video that is hosted on our YouTube channel to promote your business and message match your landing page


Video Advert

We make a short video designed to support any additional marketing you wish to do such as sales, discounts, free inspections.


System Pricing

Choose the scheme you want and choose your preferred currency. Be sure to complete the order form before you pay so we know who you are, what you do and where you do it.


Online Enquiry

To start the process for your own landing page with us you can make a no obligation enquiry. We will create a mock up landing page for you before you need to pay anything.


Some Examples

We have put together some samples of how your landing page could look. They are all based on the same tried and tested template formula and all images and text can be changed.

Everything Is Geared To Promote Your Business

Your Landing Page Is Optimised and Fully Mobile Friendly (Responsive) To Capture All Traffic

Mobile Usage Now Exceeds 50% of All Website Activity and It Is Growing Daily

Landing Page Exclusivity

When your landing page is loaded to our Business Directory nobody visiting the site can find any other business who may also be listed there.

Unlike Every Other Directory Which Also Shows Your Competitors’ Listings

Your video or any other form of advertising that you do that is directed to your landing page, is the only business page that a visitor can see.

Therefore no advertising leakage can occur.

In Most Cases Small Businesses Need A Landing Page For The Main Purposes of

  1. Attracting Customer Enquiries
  2. Promoting a Product or Service
  3. Capturing Email Adresses for future email marketing.

These are the main needs for small business owners and items 1 and 2 use the same landing page type. Item 3 differs slightly and requires an email autoresponder setup to be effective. Because of the nature of most small businesses, which is the Websitze speciality, we detail how we structure our small business landing page system for every type and size of small business. Many small business owners do not think they need a landing page and in fact few of them even know what they are. We hope by now we have solved that issue, but if not check it out here.

Good Landing Pages Keep Customers Interested

Your Landing Page Needs Instantly Tell Visitors Who You Are and What You Do