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Online Marketing System for English Speaking Businesses in Spain

Online Marketing

Benefit From a System That Works For Any Business of Any Size

Why Choose Our Online Marketing System

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Create your own onine marketing funnel with a marketing video and a supporting landing page geared to promote your business or a specific product or service

Online Marketing System Components

Dedicated Landing Page

Landing Pages are totally focused single web pages designed with one purpose only, to exclusively promote a business, service or product without distractions.


Marketing Video

Video is one of the best ways to continually promote a business or a product effectively and be noticed. Video is powerful and commands attention.


How It Fits Together

Video Advertises

A marketing video fully optimised to rank on Google and attract visitors

Landing Page Persuades

A landing page focused to support advertising and attracts customers

You Sell More

You complete the picture and sell your product or service to the customer


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How The Online System Works For You

Once you have decided that the system is for you, you order it and pay your first month’s subscription, which acts as your deposit. This transaction is done 100% securely through PayPal.

You will then be taken automatically to the ADD LISTING page where you submit as much information about your business as you can and upload up to 20 images of you and your business projects.

We then set about creating your video and landing page.

Once completed you will be sent a draft by email for your approval. At this stage we can make any required changes.

Once approved we publish both video and landing page and your system is live.

Changes cannot be made to the video once published but we can amend the landing page content upon request.

Choose your own path

What Can Our Online System Be Used For?

For Promoting

  • A Business

  • A Specific Product

  • An Event

  • A Specific Service

You Name it and We Can Do It

Online Marketing Enquiry

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When you have completed all relevant fields click Submit button to send the information to us. Please make sure your email address is correct as this is how we will respond to you.

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Build Your Business With Our Awesome and Affordable Online Marketing System

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Online Marketing System

A Long Term Online Marketing System For Offline Businesses With Landing Pages and Video To Complement Your Website or Any Form of Advertising

[/pt_core_jumbo][pt_heading2 element_name="Heading1" heading="h2" text="Promotes Your Business Online Effectively" color="#FFFFFF" text1="A Landing Page and Marketing Video Working Together To Boost Your Business in a Focused Way To Market Any Product or Servcie" color1="#EFEFEF" bgcolor="#8224e3" align="bottom"][/pt_heading2][/pt_column][/pt_row][pt_row element_name="Row"][pt_column width="1/3"][pt_block_image1 element_name="LP" bgcolor="#fafafa" bdcolor="#dddddd" txtcolor="#222222" image="6382" link="" extra_class=""]

Landing Page

A fully optimised landing page that is hosted by us to give visitors a clear and concise distraction free insight into your business activities [/pt_block_image1][/pt_column][pt_column width="1/3"][pt_block_image1 element_name="MarkVid" bgcolor="#fafafa" bdcolor="#dddddd" txtcolor="#222222" image="6384" link="" extra_class=""]

Marketing Video

A marketing video that is hosted on our YouTube channel to promote your business activities and message match your landing page [/pt_block_image1][/pt_column][pt_column width="1/3"][pt_block_image1 element_name="Brochure" bgcolor="#fafafa" bdcolor="#dddddd" txtcolor="#222222" image="6387" link="" extra_class=""]

Brochure PDF

A ready made and optimised brochure in PDF format describing your business or product or service downloadable by customers [/pt_block_image1][/pt_column][/pt_row][pt_row element_name="Row"][pt_column width="1/1"][pt_heading element_name="Heading" heading="h1" text="Why You Need The Online Marketing System" color="#ffffff" align="center" bgcolor="#c198e2" padding="10px,10px,10px,10px" margin="10px,0px,10px,0px" extra_class=""][/pt_heading][/pt_column][/pt_row][pt_row element_name="Row"][pt_column width="1/2"][pt_text element_name="Text" extra_class=""]

In the modern business world every business whatever their size or nature needs to have an online presence of some sort.

Ideally this is with a properly crafted website that clearly shows visitors exactly what you do, where you are and how you can help them. But even the best website needs supporting. If your website is not professionally produced and constantly managed and few small business websites are, the chances are that you receive very few random visitors. This is because they do not find you.

Why Is It That Customers Do Not Find You Online?

They do not find you because they are not looking for you, what they are looking for is someone to solve a problem for them. Let’s face it, every business exists in order to fulfil a need. Therefore your website needs to contain the common search terms and keywords related to solving that problem or need, whatever it may be. Our experience with working with many different types of small business owners from plumbers to restaurant owners and everything in between, that this is almost NEVER the case. No matter how well your website is constructed, it needs to be managed to meet changing systems, differing customer demands and evolving fashions. Few websites owners will ever do this. Changing and managing a website can prove costly and actually quite difficult and is frequently a task beyond most small businesses through cost or expertise.

What If You Could Find a System That Gives You A Solution? - You Just Have!

We use specific keyword phrases that people searching on the internet use. We discover these though individual research related to your business and your location and incorporate them into each of the 3 marketing channels described above. If you are a plumber in Bristol UK for example we will research Google searches people make relating to plumbers and Bristol and create unique keyword phrases incorporating all the search terms. This tells Google exactly what your Landing Page, Video and PDF are all about. We also optimise your images with the keywords, something 95% of website designs fail to incorporate and is a further potent weapon in search engine listings. We make your business stand out with the search engines and offer this unique form of multi-channel marketing to supplement what you already have.

Landing Page Versatility

Whereas the landing page that we create and host for you is a web presence in its own right, you can also link any form of advertising that you do to it in order to help pre-sell your business. Unlike a website which by its very nature must have diversity in order to describe your business fully, the landing page must have no distractions but focus totally on the task of telling customers only what you want them to know. You can have more than one plan if you wish geared to different aspects of your business to laser focus that aspect. An example for our plumber could be Emergency Plumber in Bristol with a dedicated page, video and PDF exclusively for that topic. Our plumber could have another dedicated to Boiler Repair or Bathroom Installation, Transpose that into what you do in your business and you can begin to see just how incredibly powerful this system is. Add that to our years of expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and you can begin to see what this system can do for your business. [/pt_text][/pt_column][pt_column width="1/2"][pt_block_image1 element_name="MarkVid" bgcolor="#fafafa" bdcolor="#dddddd" txtcolor="#222222" image="6828" link="" extra_class=""]

How Our Online Marketing System Works?

In the first place, we leave your website well alone whether it is good or bad and supplement it with our own supporting system that is designed and created around your business. This system is not about changing your website or building you a new one, it is far less complicated. Our online marketing and lead generation system consists of 3 parts

Landing Page

A properly designed Landing Page unique to you that contains all your contact details and business details all leading back to you with email, telephone and website contact. Importantly, this landing page will be fully keyword optimised for the main keywords and phrases for your business. In other words the search terms customers or clients use to find your type of business. This landing page will be hosted by us on our website at

Marketing Video

A short video promoting your business that will contain all the information about your business and will also contain the relevant keywords and phrases and will “Message Match” your landing page. We are experts at optimising videos and have a very high success rate at reaching page 1 of Google. This video will be hosted on our YouTube channel and monitored regularly to ensure its description remains up to date

Marketing Promotional Advertorial Document

That sounds complicated to you, yes? But it is in fact, far from complicated. It is its simplicity that makes it work, provided you know what to do that is. It is in fact a well-designed and well-presented PDF document that includes images, bullet points and a summary of your business, that also contains all the keywords and phrases that relate to your specific business. We’ll just call it our PDF from now on. Creating this document is relatively simple. Optimising it for the search engines such as Google to find is where our expertise comes in. There are very few people who know how to do this so consequently there are very few people actually doing it. But it is a goldmine if done right. Google loves them and ranks these documents fast and high. So here you have a 3 pronged promotional funnel all pointing to your business. All are keyword optimised and supporting any website by pre-selling your product or service before they even contact you. How valuable is that? [/pt_block_image1][/pt_column][/pt_row][pt_row element_name="Row"][pt_column width="1/1"][pt_heading element_name="Heading" heading="h1" text="What Can You Promote With This System?" color="#ffffff" align="center" bgcolor="#c198e2" padding="10px,10px,10px,10px" margin="10px,0px,10px,0px" extra_class=""][/pt_heading][pt_text element_name="Text" extra_class=""]

What You Can Promote

As we have briefly mentioned the marketing system is incredibly flexible and has very few restrictions about how you can use it. It is fully scale-able and can be used in a whole range of ways.
  • Promoting Your Business in a Generic Way
  • Promoting a Specific Service
  • Promoting a Product Range
  • Promoting One Specific Product

Generic Business Promotion

This is designed in a very general way to boost your business awareness. The key phrases here are by their nature more generic, such as variations on “Plumbing Services Bristol” designed to show when people search using this phrase. This is quite effective but you will face more competition from other companies doing the same and it may take longer for your listing to rank highly on Google. Your advantage is that you have Your Video and PDF pushing your landing page for your specific keyword phrase which your competitors will not have.

Specific Service Promotion

This is designed as the name suggests in a more specific way.  The fact that it is specific allows us to focus and concentrate greater on the service that you offer. For example if our plumber also does gas boiler repairs, then we will work our key phrases around that and the town in which our plumber operates. Your PDF, Video and Landing Page will all be telling the same story thus massively increasing you exposure on Google and the like.

Product Range Promotion

Maybe our plumber also has a store and sells plumbing tools etc for example. We can promote this aspect using relevant keywords geared to that. This can be in addition to his more generic or his specific Plumbing service I am pretty sure that you are getting the picture by now

Specific Product Promotion

Like the specific service promotion we can also create a specific product marketing plan. Any product in any niche. If you have it we can market it with this system [/pt_text][/pt_column][/pt_row][pt_row element_name="Row"][pt_column width="1/1"][pt_heading element_name="Heading" heading="h1" text="How The Online Marketing System Works" color="#ffffff" align="center" bgcolor="#c198e2" padding="10px,10px,10px,10px" margin="10px,0px,10px,0px" extra_class=""][/pt_heading][pt_block_image2 element_name="How" bgcolor="#fafafa" bdcolor="#dddddd" txtcolor="#222222" image="6704" link="" imgalign="left" extra_class=""]

Initial Procedure

  • You complete our short enquiry form to tell us what you want. (click here or image left for enquiry form)
  • We create a landing page to your requirements and send you a draft for approval. Normally within 7 days. We may need additional images and information that you need to supply
  • We create a video with 6 images and 2 video clips maximum matching the landing page requirement and send you a link for your approval
  • Once you are happy with both we ask you to pay. Either through the website or by bank transfer in UK based
  • When you have paid we go live
  • We continue to manage both video and landing page SEO for higher rankings
  • We create your Facebook video header promoting your company or a product and send it to you to upload.
  • You handle all your extra customers.
[/pt_block_image2][pt_heading element_name="Pricing" heading="h1" text="Pricing Tables" color="#ffffff" align="center" bgcolor="#c198e2" padding="10px,10px,10px,10px" margin="10px,0px,10px,0px" extra_class=""][/pt_heading][pt_text element_name="Text" extra_class=""]
Monthly Payment Option
£40.00 Per Month
Standard Landing Page
Marketing Video with 6 Images and 2 Video Clips
Slideshow Facebook Video Header
Designed Specifically For Your Business
All Hosted For You
Affordable Monthly Payment
Annual Payment Option
£399.00 Per Year
Standard Landing Page
Marketing Video with 6 Images and 2 Video Clips
Slideshow Facebook Video Header
Designed Specifically For Your Business
All Hosted For You
[/pt_text][pt_heading element_name="FAQ" heading="h1" text="Frequently Asked Questions" color="#ffffff" align="center" bgcolor="#c198e2" padding="10px,10px,10px,10px" margin="10px,0px,10px,0px" extra_class=""][/pt_heading][pt_text element_name="Text" extra_class=""]

How long before my landing page system is created?

Usually in around 7 days. It depends on our workload but we have external freelance support that can help out if we are very busy. This is normally around Christmas when lots od special events happen.

Can I change anything?

Before you go live you can change anything you don't like. After you have gone live only the landing page can be changed and this is free as part of our ongoing management of your system. Videos cannot be changed though we can change the video text content on YouTube.

Can you guarantee page 1 of Google?

Unfortunately nobody can guarantee page 1 of Google. They change their parameters so often that it is hard to keep pace. We do however comply with all the basic requirements of Google and have some very clever ways of structuring your SEO so you do stand the best chance of a high ranking. Ranking landing pages takes much longer than ranking videos. Expect video ranking in a couple of weeks,

When do I pay?

We do not ask for upfront payment You will be invoiced and pay only when you are happy with your landing page and video. You won't be published until you do pay.All T&Cs will be with the invoice which will be emailed to you.

How do I pay?

We are UK based and prefer payment by standing order to our UK bank account from UK customers. Overseas customers and those who wish to pay by credit card pay us through PayPal.

Is there a minimum payment period?

You contract states a minimum term of 6 months. After that you can cancel and your landing page and video will be deleted.You can however decide to keep one or the other if you wish at a reduced payment. [/pt_text][/pt_column][/pt_row][/pt_section]