How Video Promotes Your Business

Video Is An Extremely Valuable Marketing Tool

Its Value Is Also Only Going To Increase

We Create Professional Videos As Part Of Our Marketing System

Not only do we create these videos we also optimise them for the search engines specifically for your business taking into account your specialist treatments and you geographical location. We have had page 1 rankings is just a few days for our clients

Video Has More Impact

It is easier to get your message across in a video than by text. If a picture tells a thousand wrods, just imagine what a video can do.

People Love Video

People have been conditioned to watching videos since television began. The rise of the internet has exploded this desire still further

Video Is Easier To Rank

If you know what you are doing, it is easier to rank a video on YouTube than a website on Google. We know what to do to rank fast

A Well Crafted Marketing Video Can Seriously Boost Your Customer Levels


Marketing Videos

Introduce your practice and the treatment that you offer in a generic video using our specialist SEO to promote your practice within your geographical area, ranked fast and used to match your landing page


Explainer Videos

Promote your practice with explanations about your various specialist procedures. With a video proper SEO techniques can have your marketing video ranked highly in Google in a just a few days and matched to your landing page

A Few Video Samples


Video Advertising

Video advertising is different o the other two as it focuses on one aspect only. Perhaps a promotion or a discount or implants service. We create this and a seperate landing page as part of our promotion package

We Create The Video Around You

We look at all the relevant parts of your business and discuss the ones you want to promote, taking great care to Message Match the video to your landing page. They must both tell the same story as they work in harmony. This could be a specific service or a generic reflection of you practice. W add our input to your requirements to ensure the video has the right impact whilst telling the viewer the story. Sometimes in marketing the customer is not always right.


Video Ranking Example 1 Google

We Optimise The Video Around You

Once we have created your video to your satisfaction, we then optimise it for the keywords for the service you wish to market. We also take into account your catchment area and the patient profile of your practice and we base our SEO on these factors. We are highly experience in this and have reached number 1 in YouTube and Page 1 in Google in just a few days. Care is taken to Message Match the video to your landing page with our SEO too. They work together.


Video Ranking Example 2 YouTube

Our Landing Page System Creates An Its Own Advertising Campaign For Any Business

At a Very Affordable Monthly Cost