Some Landing Page Examples

A few ideas about types of business landing pages. Every type of business catered for.

All Images and Text Completely Changeable

Tried and Tested Layout. Optimised and Personalised To Suit Your Specific Business and Location






Physical Therapist

Every Size and Style of Business

We cater for all types and sizes of business. Whatever your business and whatever your size, you will still need a clear and concise web page to send your visitors that we can build for you.

If you do any form of advertising then a landing page becomes even more important.

If somebody responds to an advert, then they expect to see more information of what was stated in the advert.  Normally a Website Home Page cannot do that .The images must be the same and the text must reflect what is in the advert. If it is different they may well become confused and as nobody has patience on the internet, they will leave. There must be no distraction on the landing page. No Menu. No Advertising. Nothing that does not relate to your advert. You must have clear and obvious CTA buttons (Call to Action) whatever the purpose of the advert.

Such CTAs are

  • Sign Up
  • Buy Here
  • Get a Quote

There must be no confusion The page must be fast loading and mobile friendly (responsive) If it is not mobile friendly you will be losing 70% of possible traffic, because that is the method most widely use for searches – even at home.

Further Examples

There is no limit to the type of business or purpose of your landing page.


Pest Control




Medical Professional