Free Website For Small Business

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Free Website Design

You Only Pay Us For Hosting from £10 per month

A Quality Website Designed and Built For You That Works For Any Small Business

We Put Small Businesses Online

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Fully Responsive Websites That Work On Every Mobile Device

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Starter Option

From £10 per month

A 2 Page Website With Business Description as Home Page and a Contact Details Page. A perfect style of website for any type of small business where the content rarely changes.

Each Page is fully optimised for the search engines and configured to your specific need.

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Standard Option

From £13 per month

The 4 page Standard Website Design gives you – About Us Page: Business Description: Gallery/Testimonials: Contact Details and works perfectly for any type of small business

Each of the pages will be fully optimised for the search engines to reflect the individual business’s needs.

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Marketing Option

From £25 per month

A marketing option you can add to either the Starter Website or the Standard 4 page website in order to drive more customers to your website

The marketing option includes a Marketing Video, created, optimised and hosted by us and a Facebook Video header.

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A Domain Name

You will need to buy a Domain name related to the name and nature of your business.

Prices from our recommended suppliers start from less than £10 per year.

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Website Hosting

You need to buy our low cost hosting service to get your free website and to direct your get you up and running.

Prices start at just £10 per month and are extremely competitive

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Why You Have This Built For You Free Website Opportunity

We Want To Boost Our Hosting Service

We run a developing hosting company that we want to grow further and this offer is designed to promote this service. More about our Website Hosting Service Here

We Want To Develop Our Video Marketing Package That Helps Small Businesses Grow

In addition we offer some fantastic online marketing methods that can help boost even the smallest local business at a very affordable cost. We hope you might like some of these in the future once you see how good our service is.

We Want To See Better Small Business Websites

We have been professionally designing websites for over 10 years and see so many bad ones in the market, we want to do our bit to change that. If you currently do not have a website is there a reason why would you not get a good website for free?

There are still a lot of businesses who do not have a website even today, or worse still, have a really poor one that actually reflects badly on their business. We want to change that too. If you have one that is not working well for you, why would you not upgrade yours for free?

We Want To Help Small Business Connect Online

Small business owners are great to work with. They are entrepreneurs and usually have an open mind. We know that they do not have masses of money to throw around and like to spend what they have wisely. What is better than free? Sure you have to pay for your hosting, but that is needed wherever you go for a website. Then you need to build your site, so we make sure you do not have to, by professionally building it for you.

No Hidden Costs

The website design is free. Whether you choose the Starter Option or the Standard Option, we build it and publish it for you without charge when you contract to take our hosting for a minimum of 12 months. The price of the hosting varies with your chosen option and payment period choice.

No Price Hikes

All our hosting charges to you are upfront and once contracted will NEVER rise even if and when, we increase our prices to new customers.

You Can Also Move Your Hosting Somewhere Else If You Want To

Once your 12 months contract is up you are free to move your hosting to another service provider if you wish. We will make a small one-off charge of £90 to create the backup copy and send it to you for uploading to your new hosting company.

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