What Is A Landing Page

Put Simply Any Web Page A Visitor Can Arrive At Or Land On First


It is effectively a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective.


Landing Pages Summary

What Makes Our System Unique and Effective

  • We create your high quality landing page as a focused single page web page concentrating specifically on what you want to promote. This can be business promotion or an individual product.

  • You supply the text and images direct or we can pull them from your website

  • We create local SEO structure within the text and images to get your web page indexed by Google etc.

  • Your landing page is uploaded and hosted and managed on our server

  • The web url link is sent to you for use in your marketing and advertising and you use this url link to send traffic there.

Unique Aspects No Other Directory Listing Offers

  • There is no leakage to other landing pages on our site as visitors cannot see any other page but yours. Therefore any advertising you do retains exclusivity.

  • There are no distractions for respondents to your advertising.

  • No navigation away from your page except to your website or contact details

  • No social media links

  • No horrible pop-up advertising.

You receive a beautifully constructed and clean web-page focused totally on your message

Types of Landing Pages

A Landing Page Can be Any Type of Web Page That Serves A Specific Purpose

Remember that Google and the other search engines do not rank websites – they rank web pages Proper keyword optimisation of each landing page is therefore absolutely vital to being found on the internet. Our landing page system takes this into account and uses the correct procedure to rank your individual web page that is listed on our directory website with a link back to your site. Our SEO expertise gets your landing page entry ranked leading to hits on your website.


Click Through

Click through landing pages (as the name implies) have the goal of persuading the visitor to click through to another page. Typically used in ecommerce funnels, they can be used to describe a product or offer in sufficient detail so as to “warm up” a visitor to the point where they are closer to making a purchasing decision. All too often, inbound advertising traffic is directed at shopping cart or registration pages.

Improve Conversions

This leads to poor conversions as the ad doesn’t provide sufficient information for someone to make an informed decision. This is where the click through page comes in. As a result, the destination page from a click through page is typically the shopping cart or registration page – now with a much higher chance of conversion having passed through the details of the landing page


Lead Generation

Lead Gen landing pages are used to capture user data, such as a name and email address. The sole purpose of the page is to collect information that will allow you to market to and connect with the prospect at a subsequent time. As such, a lead capture page will contain a form along with a description of what you’ll get in return for submitting your personal data.

Simplicity Wins

The form however must be simple and contain no more than 2 field such as contact name and email address. Often just the email address will increase conversions and sign ups This will prevent many visitors to your landing page leaving without signing up as they either cannot be bothered or do not want to give personal information.


Landing Page Style

The style of either type of landing page should follow the same formula Simple and informative with no distractions such as a Facebook link or a menu. Everything your visitor needs must be on this page without having to dig deeper. It must also contain all the details a visitor needs in a clear easy to read format

Use Video

A well-crafted video relevant to you can also boost interest and thus conversions

A Must If You Advertise

If you are using landing pages as a destination point for any form of advertisng you must have easy and obvious Call To Action buttons to direct the visitors where you want them to go

Landing Pages Make Any Form of Advertising Work More Effectively


Why Landing Pages Convert Better Than Websites

Even if your website is great – if you advertise you need a landing page

  • A landing page focuses on one subject only – A good website focuses on several or many
  • A landing page has no distractions – A good website should have plenty of distractions
  • You can have multiple landing pages for different advertising campaigns – You should have only one website.
  • No landing page should have links to Facebook, YouTube etc – A website needs these  links to rank in Google
  • There should be external links only where you want to send customers – A website needs external links to rank

Once visitors leave your page for an external link like Facebook then  they’re often lost forever

Landing Pages Focus Visitors Thoughts On What You Want

Landing Page Examples

A Few Sample Designs of Landing Pages That Can be Adapted To Any Type of Business or Advertising Campaign






Email Campaign



Supports Any Advertising Campaign For Any Type And Size Of Business


In reality many business owners run around in circles when it comes to online marketing

Many also still incorrectly believe they do not need a website let alone a landing page.

For a small business setting up a website is often a confusing affair. Many have done it using cheap or free options. The fact is, that these solutions are not solutions, are often counter-productive and really do not work in the modern world. Remember, a website is your gateway to customers. A sloppy website indicates a sloppy business. Do not fall into that trap.

A landing page can be an inexpensive solution for many sole traders and even a substitute for a website if done properly.

A sole trader such as an electrician, plumber, carpenter, carpet cleaner, tailor, shoe repairer and so on may think he or she does not need an online presence, but today you do more than ever. When did you last look at a Yellow Pages directory? Actually, virtually nobody does. Everything is researched online – I do it and you do it. True?


So how is your business found? – Through Online and Offline Marketing.

We’ll start with PPC Online Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC). Advertising on Google by paying for a listing. We’ve all seen then at the top and bottom of a search page. These can be expensive and yet ineffective if dome wrong, but excellent if done right. To be really effective however, you absolutely must have a Landing Page that matches and clearly expands on your advert. Take a look at this example. http://peter-painter-decorating-specialist.business.site/.

His PPC ad

ppc ad

This person is paying Google for leads, but his landing page is not going to encourage customers.

Poor layout, lack of credible information and badly positioned CTA (Call To Action) button with no visible or usable email CTA.

His PPC advert offers little incentive to click through with no proper keyword structure and when you do the web page gives no reason to carry on as is says nothing of interest.

He is wasting his money.


Video – A Websitze Speciality in Online Marketing

Video Marketing. Not something many small businesses have considered. After all isn’t video marketing expensive? Well actually not the way we do it. Again we specialise in video creation for small business and it is incredibly effective. But you will still need to send your potential customers somewhere online. We have a system that combines both with our low cost Landing Page/Video Marketing Package. Our system of video marketing includes a fully optimised video specifically for your business and uploaded to YouTube on our own channel. We have major success with video marketing because we know how to SEO optimise video for a high Google ranking. We also specialise in creating video ads. These differ from video marketing as they are geared to a one-off type of marketing. A special Valentine’s Day dinner, A Mid-season sale, a But one het one free offer etc. I’m sure you get the pictire. Read more about our video advertising here

There are a number of other popular ways to market your business

  • Online of course. Providing you have a website. The problem here is how to be found ( We have a soltion for that in our website section)
  • Advertising in local press. Expensive and transient as your advert may only last a day or two due to the nature of the publication. Also once someone finds you they will look for a website if you have one put a link in your advert. If you don’t have one get one, though a landing page will work better..
  • Leaflet drops. Again expensive though there are a cause of litter rather than effective. They do however stick around for a reasonable time.
  • Using notice boards in shops. Cheap but reaching a very limited audience and most often not seen at the right time if seen at all. You may receive calls from moblies this way.
  • Classified Ads. Relatively inexpensive but have no stand-out qualities and are therefore frequently overlooked. They need to be done on a continual basis to be effective. People will still try to find you online though.
  • Social Media. Facebook is the main outlet that one thinks of for social media. It is a good and bad source for marketing. If you focus it properly it can work well. Wrongly and it is a total waste of time and if you advertise, money too. The way to advertise on Facebook is using their own platform or to create a series of video ads of your own. (which we can do) But I think you know what I am going to say next – You need a landing page to make it worthwhile.