Add an Event or Special Offer

October 27, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News and Articles

If You Have An Event Coming Up

Or Maybe a Special Offer or Promotion

Then you can submit it to us via an email as a text article and we will upload it in our News and Articles section completely free of charge.  You will be allowed 2 free articles every month, though if unused we are sorry but you cannot carry them over and they will expire at the end of each month.

Feel free to attach any images with the article too as we will endeavour to publish those as well

In order to qualify for this  you must have a current web page listing with us

Take Care With Your Content

We do vet carefully, every entry to ensure that the content is in-keeping with the quality of this website and reserve the right to not publish or amend the content of every submission.  As a consequence we cannot guarantee any time scale of publication but will always try to achieve your own needs as much as possible.

Once we have published an article we will send you the link and also promote it through our Facebook page, Google+ and through our Twitter account.  In order to maximise the exposure we suggest you do the same on your page entry in this directory.

You can do this by visiting your article on our site and just clicking the share buttons to upload to your respective accounts.  Also give our own Facebook entry a like.

This action actually has a very beneficial effect on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and can help us in ranking your web page and sunsequently your own website more highly with Google and the other search engines. Interaction and social sharing are important factors in boosting rankings

Advantages to using this facility

  1. You can promote your event very quickly
  2. It does not involve any technical knowledge just an email
  3. It is completely free if you have a listing currently live with us.
  4. It is pretty much a unique facility that few if any business directories offer
  5. It promotes you own business and your own website ranking