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Why Every Business Needs A Website

Benefits of a Website Done By A Professional



A Quality Website Gives Customer Trust & Credibility To Your Business

The Internet is used by almost everyone these days for problem solving.

Whether it is an emergency or just something they want to buy. The first thing they do is look for a solution online

If you are not there, you will not be found and they will find one of your competitors to solve their needs



If You Advertise Anywhere You Need To Send Potential Cusomers Somewhere

Most people now check a company out online before doing business

Your own website is the place they need to go to find out more about you and your service or product. Information is vital.

So much advertising is wasted. When responding to an advert people need sufficient information to make a decision



A website must provide enough detail so people will choose your service

An Advert Cannot Do That and People Trust Mobile Phone Less Than Ever

A well designed, easy to read and navigate webste does exactly that. Informs people and engenders trust

But a badly designed website has the opposite effect. Poor website = poor company. Get one done professionally

A Bad Website Harms Your Business A Good One Enhances It

Bad Website Design

Built on The Cheap To Save Money But Costs Plenty

  • Garish Colours and Poor Colour Contrast
  • Flash Animation
  • Non Mobile Friendly Losing 60% of Potential Traffic
  • Cluttered Hard to Read text and With Poor Navigation
  • Irrelevant Content and Advert Overload

Good Website Design

Free Not Cheap And Professionally Built

  • A Good Website Is All About The User and Not About You
  • Good Colour Contrast. Black Text/White Background
  • Formal Navigation Style So Things Are Easy To Find
  • Image Rich
  • Well Spaced Text, Clear Headings To Highlight Your Message

Inexpensive Website Solutions For Every Type of Business


CMS Sites

A content Management System is a website that is designed to allow regular changes to take place. Usually a lot of the information remains the same, but can incorporate a blog and news. All e-commerce websites are CMS. Content Management System websites have Standard 5 page setup with a blog facility with unlimited blog entries

  • Home Page
  • Contact Us Page -including location map, telephone and email contact
  • About Us
  • Projects
  • Product
  • Blog

Multi lingual websites as an option If you are a small business that has regular changes or additions to your site, such as news and events, or want a blog, then this is an ideal solution for you and you control the blog content.


Specialist Sites

We design websites for a variety of specialist business types. Among them Restaurants, Estate Agents, Medical professions as well as Affiliate websites and directory websites for people wanting to run an online business Specialist websites are always Content management System. They all come with the basic requirements of

  • Home Page
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Plus they also have specially created pages to include topics relevant to your business and have unlimited pages that you can create for yourself

Specialist designs for Restaurants, Medical Practitioners, Professionals (accountants, lawyers etc.), Estate Agents, Beauty Practioners. We can also design something bespoke for you to meet your personal requirements. See Our Specialist Website Designs Here

Website Summary and Pricing Guide

CMS Website Design
£25.00 per month
5 Page Content Management Website with Blog
Fully Optimised
Individually Designed
Logo Creation
Home page, About Us, Contact page with Google Map,Testimonials, Gallery and Blog
Hosting Included
Ideal for All Types of business where content can vary
Specialist Website Design
£49.00 per month
Unlimited Pages includes a Blog and e-commerce option
Fully Optimised
Individually Designed
Logo Creation
Home page, About Us, Contact page with Google Map, Testimonials, Gallery + Blog
Hosting Included
Perfect for businesses where details and business information where content changes
CMS Website Design
£25.00 per month
Specialist Website Design
£49.00 per month

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Consumers Are Becoming More Discerning

They Want To Know More About, You So An Online Presence Is Vital For A Business To Prosper. However Large or Small The Business Is

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You Need One Done Properly by a Professional To Boost Your Company’s Image

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