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We Make Local SEO Work for Your Business

We understand how SEO and Local SEO really works

We can gear your needs as a business owner with our local marketing skills to ensure you obtain maximum opportunity for a high ranking in the search engines for your dining out business.

Our skills have been developed over several years of working with all types of businesses to obtain Google rankings for them and we can do the same for your business, whatever its type.

Local SEO is Different To General SEO

Local SEO is a different technique and requires a different approach but we offer a consultancy option to our restaurant clients that has few equals.

Whether you have a building related business or a gourmet restaurant, we have the ability to gear your marketing to reach the right clientele for your business by use of the right keyword search structure both on your website and on off-page marketing too.

Our aim is to achieve a listing in one of the 3 Google listings on page one. We can develop your strategy so that you stand the best chance of achieving this. Among other things we

If you have no idea how to do this or even what these phrases mean, don't worry - you don't have to.

We use video extensively in our marketing as it is such a major factor in our ranking abilities.

SEO for videos is yet another different technique and we have also honed our skills to achieve a high degree of success in page one ranking.

When combined with Local SEO skills we give you enough firepower to beat your competitors.

How We Work With Our Clients

Firstly we discuss the market in which you operate or wish to operate and the sort of customers they wish to attract.to build a profile of the market to target. Some markets are generic, appeal to everyone and some are more specific. An Indian restaurant for example is generic whereas a roofing contractor tends to be more specific.

Based upon that at the type of cuisine of the business we can quickly work out a plan based upon customers, location and the overall market.

Then we look at the online presence including the website itself and all the social media accounts the business has, together with any mailing list that exists. .

What we then do is tie all the factors together by looking at the strategy and the keywords used in the website and in Facebook in particular.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Small Businesses

1. Increase Website Traffic

Increasing your web site traffic will increase your enquiry to sale ratio. SEO helps place your product in front of eager buyers, as well as gain a wider audience. Our targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) solutions offer you customized search engine strategies that we put to work for your website.

2. Increase Sales & Revenue

Search Engine Optimization and marketing helps drive targeted traffic to your website. Through efficient search engine marketing strategies a search engine optimizer can help develop a steady stream of qualified traffic to your website. Targeted traffic is search engine traffic that is looking for your specific real estate services.

3. Build Brand Awareness

Search engine marketing provides an effective way to promote your company’s brand identity. A custom search engine marketing plan is your way of communicating your corporate or personal image, including your product, services or brand in a positive way.


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Off Page SEO

Local SEO

Effective Keywords

Social Media

Full On Page SEO

Correct Keyword Balance


Full Off Page SEO

Use of Semantic Phrases

Internal Linking


Text Readability

External Linking


User Experience

Video Creation

Website Speed

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What SEO Does For You.

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