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Effective Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses

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Video Marketing Is a Very Powerful Tool To Promote Your Business

Creating Just One Promotional Video for a Marketing Campaign Works

Why will video marketing help your business?

There is no getting away from it, Google simply loves video on a website.

Why wouldn’t they as they own YouTube. But it is more than that, the reason Google loves video so much and it is so important a factor when ranking a website, is that website visitors also love video.

A good 2 to 3 minute video promoting your business will attract their attention way more than text can and more than even great images.

But creating a good video that Google likes is not so easy or everyone would be doing it. They are also fussy about listing rubbish videos that have no value and these, therefore, will rarely rank.

You marketing videos need good content and also need good linking to your website and proper optimisation.

This is a skill most people have not acquired and why would a small business owner learn such a skill?

His or her art is in the skill of his or her own profession

At Websitze video creation and presentation is one of our speciality items.

We have in the past obtained number 1 spot in Google video searches in just a few minutes. Yes Minutes.

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Promote Any Type or Style of Business With Email Marketing

Email Presents a Wonderful Opportunity to Market Directly To Your Customers

Why does email marketing present such a benefit over other more traditional forms of marketing?

Why does it drive better returns on investment and customer engagement metrics than other marketing techniques?

Why would you invest the time and resources to develop an email marketing program at all?

Reduced Time & Effort

With email marketing, however, you can turn out a marketing communication in a couple of hours.

With re-usable email templates, all you'll need to do is to amend the content for the email and change any graphics, decide on your market, and then just hit send. Weeks' of work can be accomplished in just a few hours and by a single employee

Capture Email Addresses from Customers

Business owners can capture email addresses from customer comment cards and guest books to quickly build opt-in lists.

Once they have information such as city/town, birthdays and food preferences, for example, it's easy to follow up with customized cards and special offers using the GetResponse autoresponder tool.

Whether a one-man show or have a full marketing team, it only takes minutes to set up and schedule professional-looking messages.

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