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Small businesses even sole traders can benefit from the expertise and pricing structure that Websitze offers its customers.

Surprisingly, many small business owners still do not have a website or have one that is totally inadequate for today’s needs.  A number of small business still use flash thinking that is enough. Today Flash Websites are dead as they do not work on mobiles and seriously affect your business.

Our Mission

In our work we discovered that there are still many small business who have no website or have an outdated design, in Flash, or a website that is non-responsive to mobile devices

Flash was never a good idea as it has always failed to meet the needs of search engines, but it became a critical problem from 2014 and onward as flash does not work with mobiles.

It is too resource hungry for one and is also incompatible with the software the mobile devices use.

We are keen to get small businesses off flash and with responsive websites that do work with mobile devices as quickly as possible so they can reach more than just 60% of the market once more.  That figure is for 2015 too and growing. Even just one flash image on a page, renders it useless for a mobile device.

Within 2 years the figure is projected to increase to 70% of all searches for local businesses done by mobile, you need to get responsive now.  

It is also surprising to discover that some 65% of small businesses still do not have a website.  Whether it is a cost issue or technology issue or inertia, not having a website is now a major negative factor in the growth of any business of any size. Even a one man jobbing builder needs to be found.  The old methods are going fast an online is definitely increasing daily

We Love Small Businesses

Always a champion of the smaller business we have enjoyed helping them compete online by producing high quality websites with very affordable pricing.  Top notch hosting comes as part of the package.

Small businesses get a rough deal everywhere - but not from us.

Websitze was founded by Chris Richards.  Business interests have taken him all over the place including a long contract in Spain sorting out one of that country's largest Sports Clothing manufacturers website and database integration. It was there the need for a small business online package was identified as a major need to meet a huge market.

Websitze now operates in both UK and Spain serving the needs of small business owners in both countries

We have a little team of freelance developers to ensure we can keep costs down and quality up.

No big expense accounts and no flash cars, just down to earth realistic fees to our customers and a comfortable living for us.


About Websitze The Online Service For Small Businesses

Delivering quality websites at a price every business can afford